Getting around in Leiden

Leiden is a really sweet, quiet city with a lot of small parks, beautiful stuff to see and a great atmosphere. Upon arrival, it is recommended to get a city map from the Tourist Information [Just across the street from the Centraal station, next to the yellow supermarket] [Ronny עוד על המידע לתיירים אחכ] and walk around the city with it. I marked my destination with bright stickers on the map and navigated slowly and carefully from point A to B.

Street names usually appear on Buildings themselves or on designated poles. It is rather easy to know where you are, most of the time, because the signs are big and blue. There are many places to see, like the big parks, the City hall area, and the Hortus Botanicus [2 Euro daily entrance for students]. Just start walking around towards the center and you are more or less bound to see really pretty stuff.

Fall in leiden

Fall season

Since Leiden, being a part of the Netherlands, is flat - walking around is really nice. You can take as long as you wish, brooding over pretty stuff you see, feeding the ducks, looking at the sky and the Dutch houses. I used the bus only upon arrival from the airport, being tired and disoriented, and never since then.

When you walk, you see more things. You can stop wherever, whenever [We’re meant to be together*** Ronny link[ and go into stores, parks and so on. It can also help you get to know the city quicker and feel the rhythm and atmosphere of the place. Plus, the air is very clean and fresh and you can just breath deeply and enjoy the moment. Life is short [ROnny LINK to the guy who said enjoy the moment. I came in the Fall when the colourful leaves dropped peacefully from the trees, the birds were chirping happily, and all as well.

Leiden lake

Beautiful Leiden